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 Urs Linsi - “We will be watching the betting market together with the betting companies, and we will be getting the relevant information relating to betting patterns. If we discover from the market that there are bets being placed on certain matches that are not going in a proper way, then we can act accordingly.”
 Urs Linsi - “The trios have to speak the same language. It's important because when they are in the fray they need to be able to talk to each other without problems.”
 Urs Linsi - “This is a very good start, but we just need more time to develop a dependable, high-technology system.”
 Urs Linsi - “Having sufficient equity . . . is now an essential requirement because it is no longer possible to secure cancellation insurance cover of the requisite magnitude for an event the size of the FIFA World Cup.”
 Urs Linsi - “We have to make sure the players don't suffer from burnout.”
 Urs Linsi - “The fee per referee has doubled from South Korea and Japan four years ago when it was 20,000 each. For the first time we're also giving something to the referees and assistants who don't make it. They've worked hard and come a long way, even if in the end they weren't successful.”
 Urs Linsi - “We want the referees to be a team and they should all be able to speak and write a common language.”