My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Linta - “Im real happy. The problem is, we had the party and everybody came. Hopefully, somebody had a good enough time that they want to invite him back.”
 Joe Linta - “He feels like he's put in his time and he's very flattered that they brought him in to be considered.”
 Joe Linta - “At this stage of the game, the agent becomes an advisor and big brother to the player. Charles is a good person and a good father ... You work harder for the clients you like.”
 Joe Linta - “They've turned down all our proposals. For Matt, it's probably the best thing. I just feel like the Vikings are making a big mistake.”
 Joe Linta - “We have our ducks in a row. It just depends if a deal takes place Wednesday ... or Sunday ... or Wednesday again. But we have a contingency plan based on all this.”
 Joe Linta - “Any decision about Matt's contract will have to include something for Matt if there's anything in it for the Vikings. Otherwise, the discussion is moot.”
 Joe Linta - “I wish my mortgage company was so flexible.”
 Joe Linta - “I don't know if they'd do it, but I would. I wouldn't want 24 million locked up in one guy who is a knee injury away. They aren't going to take a quarterback, so their choice is Reggie Bush or a trade. And if they do decide to trade, there will be many teams who covet that pick.”
 Joe Linta - “I came up to work out Ed with little expectations and came away convinced that he is an N.F.L. prospect at the tight end position. He is very quick, has outstanding hands and great lower body strength.”
 Joe Linta - “Whether he goes in the sixth round or the seventh round or free agent, it doesn't matter. He's the same guy. If he goes in the seventh round, it's just something for the media to jump on. My point to him was you can't be basketball maybe, football maybe. It's got to be animal or vegetable. Not both. He bought into that.”
 Joe Linta - “The guys that have been to the combine and etc. have been doing this for three months. He's had four workouts. What we're trying to demonstrate today is the catching ability, the heart, the head that he has.”