My Favorite Quotes
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 Andrew Linzey - “Moral education, as I understand it, is not about inculcating obedience to law or cultivating self-virtue, it is rather about finding within us an ever-increasing sense of the worth of creation. It is about how we can develop and deepen our intuitive sense of beauty and creativity.”
 Andrew Linzey - “It is an unfortunate fact that those people who are most eloquent in their demand for the conservation of animals are often those most eager to violate animal life at the first opportunity.”
 Andrew Linzey - “Despite one or two minority appeals our society is not outraged at man's unremitting use of the animal world. Ecologists and environmentalists may talk of 'ecological consciousness' or 'environmental responsibility' but seldom, if ever, is this responsibility articulated towards other non-human species in particular.”