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 Jay Lipe - “I'm confident we'll be strong defensively after we get a few games under our belt.”
 Jay Lipe - “She might be the most naturally talented player we've got. She has a natural instinct for the game. She started getting more confident through freshman year and scored some big goals against quality opponents.”
 Dave Lipe - “We got some nice performances. There were some good teams in this tournament, and we played a lot of them.”
 Dave Lipe - “We had some guys score points that are new to the varsity lineup this year. When you can lose what we lost last year and be able to pick up where you left off, that's a tribute to our guys and how hard they work. Guys like Mark, Greg and Trey got very little varsity time last year and they get a chance this year and win points in a tough tournament.”
 Dave Lipe - “We saved our best for last. That match didn't start until 11 p.m., so it was a long day and it was pretty late when we got out of there. The kids did a nice job with focus. It was late, they played three times, we played for 11 hours and they had prom the next day, so there were a lot of distractions there and we didn't let them bother us. That was good to see.”
 David Lipe - “It's a good tournament. We won it last year for the first time, so we're looking forward to defending our title.”
 David Lipe - “They were big today. This is their season to shine and they did tonight.”
 David Lipe - “Our kids played well today. They stayed focused and turned in solid performances.”
 Dave Lipe - “We looked at the weather and it didn't look good for Saturday. So we just did the whole thing Friday night. It was a long day of tennis, but we got it all in and we feel fortunate to have done that, to have been able to keep our focus all day long and win it.”
 Dave Lipe - “It came down to the third place match at number three doubles, and the championship matches at numbers one and two doubles and I knew we had to win one of them or we'd tie, and we won two of them. After not playing so well Friday night in the wind, we played very well on Saturday and looked good.”
 David Lipe - “There were a lot of really, really close matches. It was a battle between two pretty evenly-matched teams. Danville was a little stronger up top than us tonight, but we were pretty solid in the middle and the bottom.”
 David Lipe - “It was one of those marathon tennis matches. With the tournament all day (today), it's going to make it pretty tough on these guys.”
 David Lipe - “I would like to play some earlier matches, but there just aren't any available. The only way you know what to work on is to get out and play other teams. That's just the way it is.”
 David Lipe - “Five kids were forced to play higher. We ran a pretty young lineup out there.”
 Dave Lipe - “We saw it coming and it got too wet to play. So we just called it a tie there, when the courts get wet they get slippery and there's no need to get someone hurt in a match like that.”
 Dave Lipe - “They played well again together. I think all the doubles teams are starting to mesh well together and play solid together.”
 David Lipe - “We knew West was tough. No doubt about it. Belleville West is a very good team.”
 Dave Lipe - “I have to give a lot of credit to our grounds staff. They did an outstanding job of fixing things and getting it ready to play on. It didn't look good early, but they did a great job working on the screen and the fence and got us ready to play.”
 David Lipe - “They played well. Maybe this will give those two some confidence.”
 Dave Lipe - “Those will be good tests for us. That tournament will have some good competition. We've got a full week planned.”