My Favorite Quotes
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 Masha Lipman - “He was a big-time political operator, behind many political developments, not least Yeltsin's re-election in 1996.”
 Masha Lipman - “The goal of Kremlin strategists appears to be a weak coalition government in Ukraine that will be more vulnerable to Russian economic pressure. One twin is looking to Moscow, the other to Washington. And they can't separate.”
 David Lipman - “After 20 years of seeing Kelly, you need to evolve. If you don't evolve brands, they'll dissipate and go away.”
 Daniel Lipman - “People are used to the Queer Eye guys.”
 David Lipman - “We thought about people who pushed the physical side of their life to their limits.”
 Masha Lipman - “There is clearly a policy shift underway. We're talking about a bad trend not just a cooling but a deterioration in relations.”
 Masha Lipman - “He was a big-time political operator. After he was pushed out of the country, his influence has dwindled.”
 Daniel Lipman - “Look at where the gay community was five years ago and what's happened since the (2004 presidential) election.”
 Daniel Lipman - “The response we've gotten and continue to get from certain elements of the gay community is just startling to me.”
 Daniel Lipman - “Currently, Asia is the only game in town. ... A success in China clearly translates to the U.S. ... Our customers are watching closely.”
 Masha Lipman - “Polls show the attitude of Russians toward Ukraine has deteriorated lately. So, people might easily believe that Ukrainians want to do them harm.”