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 Marcello Lippi - “We did what we wanted to do in the first half with three strikers -- we had lots of scoring opportunities. We had to win, because now we have three away games.”
 Marcello Lippi - “I spoke with him. He'll be here for the next games.”
 Don Lippi - “This win means a lot. It means that these kids are resilient. They find different ways to win and they never give up.”
 Marcello Lippi - “The most beautiful thing in the Champions League this season has been Arsenal. Their growth has been incredible. They have done something which in Italy we could never allow ourselves to do.”
 Joseph Phillippi - “That's the big issue whither goes the full-size SUV, You wouldn't call it a growth market.”
 Aaron Klippi - “Kids need some place to go. It gives them something to do other than just going and hanging out at the mall.”
 Marcello Lippi - “You are a dhead. You can't film me without asking first, ... If you like, we can go into the press room and you can film all you want, but you can't hide away like that.”
 Marcello Lippi - “I hope that his problem will be resolved soon,”
 Marcello Lippi - “I have a pretty good idea.”
 Marcello Lippi - “He navigates the Internet, I navigate boats. But evidently he's able to do it.”
 Don Lippi - “Bailey gets to the line so much, we had to spend a little bit more time on that in practice.”
 Don Lippi - “I just tell these guys where to be and at what time and what day and they're always there. As long as they keep showing up I think we'll be OK.”
 Marcello Lippi - “However, the coach expects to see an improvement from Cassano's team-mate Francesco Totti. He is going through a good time, ... Finally, he is maturing alongside the team. But I don't want anyone to talk about leaders in this team, Totti is an important player.”
 Don Lippi - “These guys play real hard. We like to press and break and though we didn't do a lot of it today, we hustled enough to get the win.”
 Marcello Lippi - “When he has resolved his problems, Cassano will return, ... Something may change. I'm not saying that because I know what it is but because the deadline is tomorrow.”
 Marcello Lippi - “It seems that the tradition and prestige of Italian soccer has once again been recognized.”
 Marcello Lippi - “The only thing I can say to Walter Smith is that I hope he consoles himself with the bottle of wine I gave him,”
 Marcello Lippi - “For me, Italy-Germany will always be that mythical 4-3. Even though we won a World Cup against them in '82, it's that game from 1970 that I always remember.”
 Marcello Lippi - “We will do everything possible to allow him to recover in time for the World Cup. He is a great player, is very important for us and we will wait for him.”
 Marcello Lippi - “There are some who won't be there but they need to feel proud and satisfied in the knowledge that they are part of the group even if they don't go to the World Cup they are part of our squad.”
 Marcello Lippi - “There are 29 players here and I wanted them to feel part of the project - this is not a project that stops at the World Cup. Don't forget that shortly after the World Cup we have a friendly in August and then in September qualification for the European championships begins.”
 Marcello Lippi - “I'm extremely happy for him. I have been following his progress. His recovery is continuing and I have received many positive signs from him. I think there's a good chance of having him back for the World Cup.”
 Marcello Lippi - “From here on it's serious, no more expanded rosters. I have to start working on the team for the World Cup.”
 Don Lippi - “It was a little odd coming back and not coaching for the school I'd enjoyed for so many years. This place fit me like a glove.”
 Joe Phillippi - “Sales of SUVs especially have been taking it on the chin, ... That phenomenon has pretty much run its course. They powered the industry for close to 10 years.”

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