My Favorite Quotes
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 Rachel Lipsey - “If you have a problem with water condensation on some of your walls or other surfaces in a home, you need to have the house checked for mold.”
 Jordy Lipsey - “If Brad thought the whistle had blown, he wouldn't have made the shot. Brad's not that type of player to do something like that.”
 Jordy Lipsey - “There's nothing wrong with what Brad did -- he was playing the game, and he was playing hard. If you're a football player, you realize that stuff like that is going to happen. It's the game of football -- you hit each other. Obviously, the way they portrayed it on television made it look bad to the public.”
 Rachel Lipsey - “Conversely, if extra insulation keeps moisture in the home from escaping, the home can develop mold, which can cause a number of ailments and even pose a significant health risk.”
 Rachel Lipsey - “There are three types of energy audits. Some energy providers electric and natural gas companies will provide them, and there are private companies that perform them using draft detectors, infrared cameras and other high-tech devices.”
 Rachel Lipsey - “You should check around all your doors and windows to see if there are any drafts. A lot of heat can be lost through a very small crack at the bottom of a door. Sealing that off with weather stripping can save you a lot of money.”
 Jordy Lipsey - “You kind of create in your mind what's right and what's wrong. I don't think that there was anything wrong with what Brad did. He was just playing the game and he was playing hard. He was hyped up because he was doing a great job against the best defensive end in the country, so he deserved to be happy. It's just unfortunate that it happened.”
 Michael Lipsey - “I'd say no more than around 10 percent in your company's stock. The biggest mistake people make is they put too much money in their company stock. People tend to be overconfident about their own companies.”
 Michael Lipsey - “That's easier to say than do. People think they are ready to assume more risk than they actually are.”