My Favorite Quotes
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 Pete Liptrap - “Both are quality kids and they fit well with the rest of our guys. That's the first thing. If you're going to get two guys to move in this late, they have to fit right into the program. They both stepped right in and that's been no problem. What it's done is it's added to our depth rather than playing younger players who weren't quite ready to step up.”
 Pete Liptrap - “This time of the year, the second time around the league is a little tougher. Teams with quality toughness seem to do better. We haven't. We got ourselves in position and it'll be a challenge to see if we can do something about this position we find ourselves in.”
 Pete Liptrap - “We seem to always have guys who want to be in that situation and that's probably the most important thing. If you don't want to be in that situation, you're never going to make them.”
 Pete Liptrap - “We walk a very fine line between a team that can win a lot of games or not. We just haven't been able to do the things we need to do to be consistent.”
 Pete Liptrap - “Mason is excellent at stepping out and being able to shoot from the outside. That makes it difficult to match up. They've got some guys capable of scoring.”
 Pete Liptrap - “I think if you look at our record the last 20 years when we've had a good basketball program, we always win a number of close games. That's the type of players we've had.”
 Pete Liptrap - “I didn't know him quite as well. He gives us an offensive presence down there in the post. He has the ability that -- when he gets his hands on the ball -- he can score.”