My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Liro - “We've had two days of gains to start the year. I think this day is going to be the day for consolidation, and we are in front of tomorrow's payroll numbers.”
 Joe Liro - “The market was too sanguine about the Fed moving to the sidelines at the end of the year or under a new chairman. They're going to keep tightening until they get a break in the inflation rate.”
 Joe Liro - “Next week, earnings numbers will probably be a positive for the market. The overriding negative, though, is going to be the outlook for interest rates.”
 Joe Liro - “Fear of higher rates and higher Treasury yields are the main factors driving markets these days. We've been used to low rates for such a long time that now it seems the market was caught by surprise with yields at these levels. We might see less borrowing and less spending as a result.”
 Joe Liro - “The longer the oil prices stay at this level, the more of a weight it puts on the market. That said, unemployment claims reflect the current strength of the economy. But the perception is that the current strength cannot be sustained with oil prices at these levels. As a result, the market is having a hard time making much progress to the upside.”
 Joe Liro - “There's going to be massive reconstruction in the Gulf region in a couple of months. And that is going to generate a lot of business and gains for the companies involved in the effort.”
 Joe Liro - “You have to borrow 2 billion a day to fund that. It's an imbalance that's unsustainable.”