My Favorite Quotes
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 Luke Lirot - “I am satisfied with the city's efforts. I am pleased the city took the time to explore ways to please the residents.”
 Luke Lirot - “It is not a perfect world. But we can do better.”
 Luke Lirot - “You can't deny people their first amendment rights and you can't use administrative employees in an effort to accomplish what truly is an unconstitutional goal.”
 Luke Lirot - “From a legal perspective, there doesn't appear to be any impediments to opening. He has determined he has an obligation to mitigate his damages.”
 Luke Lirot - “It is a complete waste of time and money. It is just going to mislead people into thinking they can impose their will on the minority.”
 Luke Lirot - “If you don't want to see it, there's a door and someone taking money. Don't avail yourself to either.”
 Luke Lirot - “My clients were shocked, and I was shocked that we had to go to this point. I think the city will respond without the necessity of judicial intervention, but sometimes you need something filed with the court to inspire that.”
 Luke Lirot - “If you can announce the seasons or the birth of a child, you can certainly announce the reasons for the birth of a nation.”