My Favorite Quotes
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 Kevin Lisk - “We're looking good as far as having a good shot to go to state. We're returning in good shape. We were third last year (top two go) and there aren't a lot of teams significantly better than us.”
 Patricia Quinlisk - “The vaccine is working. The vaccine certainly was made to cover this particular strain because it's a fairly common strain of mumps.”
 Kevin Lisk - “Janae runs phenomenally in her comfort zone right now. We need to get her to run on the edge of that. Theresa has the competitive fire. She could be a force by the end of the season.”
 Patricia Quinlisk - “Don't wait until child care. You should get it on time.”
 Kevin Lisk - “The boys are probably slightly better, but the girls could go to state, too. There's only three or four teams ahead of us in the sectional.”
 Kevin Lisk - “She's ahead of where she was at the same point last year, too. And Katrina is coming off a great track season.”
 Patricia Quinlisk - “When you expect five and you get 245, this is pretty serious. We're trying to get ahead of it and get it stopped.”
 Kevin Lisk - “He's gotten stronger since the end of last year. He's a little ahead of the game in comparison to where he was at this point at this same time last year.”