My Favorite Quotes
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 Brent Liskai - “That's where we make our living -- going to the basket. We have a bunch of kids that don't back down.”
 Brent Liskai - “We have to come ready because you can make somebody's season if they knock off a first-place team. The shoes on the other foot. We remember that we've been on the other side.”
 Brent Liskai - “Jordan's a good, clutch player. The shot went up and I turned my head to check on rebound position. That's how we play. If you have an open shot, take it.”
 Brent Liskai - “I was really happy with our defense. I thought our zone got us back into it.”
 Brent Liskai - “We were right there, but we just hit a spot where we just didn't shoot the ball well. To their Royals' credit, they made foul shots down the stretch.”