My Favorite Quotes
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 Jodi Pliszka - “The more children learn about being different, the more prejudice will be eliminated.”
 Jodi Pliszka - “My goal is educate people about alopecia and try to break the Barbie-doll stereotype that children get slammed with daily in media campaigns. I want to show children that they are perfect just the way they are and beauty comes from within. I want to encourage children and adults with issues that make them feel different and show them--through my big, bald, shiny head--that who you are is the most important thing in the world, not what you look like.”
 Jodi Pliszka - “Within one month, I was forced to wear a wig to conceal the bald area. I looked like a cancer patient losing hair from chemo. The huge difference is that I was not sick at all. I didn't have cancer.”
 Jodi Pliszka - “It was love at first site. I thought I should have a bald cat as well. So I got my first Sphinx from a breeder in New York, where I was living at that time. I knew that I could use this loveable, bald kitty to teach my daughter about differences in this world and help her see that bald could be beautiful.... just in a different form.”
 Tom Liszka - “We really haven't played to our ability. Oshkosh will be our first real test.”