My Favorite Quotes
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 Todd Lickliter - “Brandon continued to give us a lift. It's nice to have him inside where if you're struggling shooting the ball, you have a good option to go into.”
 Todd Lickliter - “We knew (Youngstown State was) a good team. It wasn't anything that we didn't do it's what they did do. We knew coming in that they would be difficult to guard. Humphrey is a terrific player.”
 Todd Lickliter - “I don't think our team is done. I would hope that we would have strong consideration for postseason.”
 Todd Lickliter - “We like the idea that we're playing. We've got a lot of respect for Miami.”
 Lonnie Billiter - “It was never something I ever thought about doing, never even dreamed it. I'm still not settled down yet. I'm just in a daze.”
 Todd Lickliter - “I thought Brandon struggled. Real character shows when a guy struggles, sits, cheers for his team, and then gets back out there and delivers.”
 Todd Lickliter - “I thought we really showed a lot of character and a lot of poise. I thought we were very in tune and played with the kind of poise that I hoped we would.”
 Todd Lickliter - “You never know what a week off will do, but I thought we needed the extra time off. We came out with great focus and we were very in tune defensively. Our legs were fresher and that showed in our shooting.”
 Mark Liter - “Over time, if conditions are favorable, I can't imagine why they wouldn't.”
 Todd Lickliter - “I don't want to think about ending my season. And a lot of that is because I've enjoyed this team so much. They're fun to go to practice with, they're fun to travel with, they're fun to compete with.”
 Todd Lickliter - “Milwaukee tonight will beat a lot, a lot of people. They were very good.”
 Todd Lickliter - “There's a lot left to do. We're just looking at it as an opportunity. They manhandled us up there.”
 Todd Lickliter - “They can make you look bad. But I thought the key was that we didn't cave in.”
 Todd Lickliter - “Trying to build a case for an at-large bid at our level is pretty tough. It's gotten a little better, but we're still going to have to go on the road for the most part to play power conference schools.”
 Todd Lickliter - “We probably rushed some, but you are going against guys who are bigger, stronger and recover well. We didn't get clear looks.”
 Mark Liter - “They aren't the easiest fish to catch. The experienced guy who knows how to catch them might have some success, but not the average Joe.”
 Lonnie Billiter - “I wasn't paying any attention to them. I just kept my head down.”
 Todd Lickliter - “We'd make a run and they'd answer. We would have had to play almost flawless.”
 Todd Lickliter - “I guess if you're going to be successful, you have to win different ways. I thought we struggled offensively, and I give the credit to (Loyola). They're long and athletic and well-coached, and it's difficult to play against them. But I thought we defended extremely well. To hold (Loyola) to 50 points is quite an accomplishment. And we rebounded the basketball.”