My Favorite Quotes
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 Stanley Litow - “They want to continue working in positions that offer them the opportunity to give back to society in an extremely meaningful way. Transferring their skills from IBM to the classroom is a natural for many - especially in the areas of math and science.”
 Stanley Litow - “It's not an easy transition to make.”
 Stanley Litow - “We know they have the background, we know they have the content knowledge.”
 Stanley Litow - “Many of our experienced employees have math and science backgrounds and have made it clear that when they are ready to leave IBM they aren't ready to stop contributing.”
 Stanley Litow - “There are a lot of people who are interested in teaching, and they didn't make that choice the first time because of economic circumstances.”
 Stanley Litow - “Over a quarter-million math and science teachers are needed, and it's hard to tell where the pipeline is. That is like a ticking time bomb not just for technology companies, but for business and the U.S. economy.”