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 Camille Little - “In big games, we'll need those free throws, so that's what we've been working on.”
 Grady Little - “I asked myself, if we opened the season with Atlanta and had 3-2 games every day, will this man be ready to do that, pitch in the ninth inning In my mind, I say yes, he will. I could see him doing that.”
 John Little - “At this point we're completely focused on market share. We put that focus into three areas. The broadband market saw the high-speed ways of accessing the Internet. The wireless market, especially wireless Internet. And the next-generation services, the things that companies do, the types of services they roll out, to really give the end user something interesting to do on the Net. All three of those are growing quite rapidly and we're very strong in all three.”
 Grady Little - “You have to be real careful with legs. When they tell me he's ready, I give it three or four more days.”
 Sue Little - “She just did so many good things for so many people, she touched so many people's lives we don't even know half of them. She would just give things to people, to charities.”
 Tony Little - “We talked casually, including our spiritual involvement, for a good hour. Then I kept calling frequently for the next two months.”
 Mario Little - “I got off to a good start and set the tempo. They didn't match up so I established my inside game.”
 Grady Little - “He caught a good game and called a good game. Our bullpen got a lot of mileage out of their pitches. It has a lot to do with the catcher when you have a game like that.”
 Leonard Little - “After the season last year, with seven sacks, I just wanted to get off to a good start. It just so happened we lost the game, so that good start really doesn't mean anything.”
 Sean Doolittle - “It was a much different feeling in a good way. I was just trying to get back on the bump and stay in a rhythm. I was able to relax and focus on pounding the zone.”
 Grady Little - “When you get everyone involved like that, only good things can happen. That's part of our game.”
 Tom Little - “We have a good selection of backs,”
 Grady Little - “I have a bad habit of watching things that are working for other people and adopting it myself.”
 Chadd Little - “I don't like long hair, and with coaching wrestling it was especially tough. Kids were always telling me to get it out of their faces.”
 Grady Little - “I think he's healthy by the way the ball is coming out of his hand. He's ready to go.”
 Cheryl Little - “If I were an immigrant without papers, I wouldn't be hanging around down there. It's a place where border patrol is likely to target.”
 Grady Little - “But I should have known better. I'd been watching these guys hanging breaking balls and walking the bases loaded every day from March through September. I knew, I knew, I knew better than anybody that if I kept relying on them in pressure situations their true colors were going to come out eventually, and that's what you saw tonight.”
 Jimmy Doolittle - “It would have been impossible to evacuate out of town. My grandparents both have health problems, and, financially, they had nowhere to go.”
 Grady Little - “I don't know. You know, in my heart, I know I was.”
 Earl Little - “He went out there and did his thing and we didn't do our job. The dude, he said what he said, he did it, and it's in the history books. ... This is the most disgusting feeling I've had in my whole life.”
 Grady Little - “All I knew about him was his injury history. We're still well aware we have to protect him. We can't use him day in and day out.”
 Stephen Little - “It's an incredible accident of history and an amazing event it's come back here.”
 Rick Little - “Both of them have a long history of success, and they're both great people. That's why I feel kind of good about it. Even though we're losing kids to them, I know they're going to great people and teachers of the game.”
 Grady Little - “I don't know if he's going to throw anybody out at the plate, but he's throwing well enough to get a couple of at-bats. We certainly hope he'll have another year like (2004). He's coming along great.”
 Mark Little - “From here, you just hope for the best and prepare for the worst.”

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