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 Dave Littlefield - “We feel good about the talent we have. Now we have to push that talented group to achieve more. We have to win more games.”
 Dave Littlefield - “There always is some give and take when you're dealing with the schedule. No one is ever completely happy with the one they get.”
 Dave Littlefield - “First and foremost, this guy is a very good player. He gave us excellent production and he's a quality guy. I certainly feel we've gotten in position to be a better major-league team.”
 Dwight Littlefield - “We were expecting a zone of some type. We didn't execute well enough to get good shots. They got up on our shooters.”
 Dwight Littlefield - “We knew they were a good shooting team. In the first half we didn't get a hand up and we gave them good looks. In the second half, the defensive intensity picked up.”
 Dave Littlefield - “As much as you hate to have players selected, it made the most sense for us.”
 Dave Littlefield - “We'll see how it plays out with Burnett's health, how he does.”
 Dave Littlefield - “We hope that will be sooner rather than later.”
 Dave Littlefield - “I'm still comfortable in what we have in-house.”
 Dave Littlefield - “The idea when he went there was to be examined.”
 Dave Littlefield - “He's struggled to this point, but we still see a very talented guy. We have high hopes that he'll get it back together and improve at the big-league level.”
 Dave Littlefield - “I've been very pleased and, while each one is an individual case, there are some real strong signs that guys are making progress.”
 Dave Littlefield - “We have talked to a lot of people in the industry to gather information. A lot of people are calling and are interested. ... It's good to see there are so many good people out there, a nice, experienced group of guys and up-and-comers like Fredi Gonzalez.”
 Dave Littlefield - “I think that seeking outside pitching help is unlikely just based on the quality that we have compared to what is attainable. We are in an industry where everybody lacks pitching, particularly starting pitching. No one has enough. Realistically, with the quality of the pitchers that we have, the quality is good enough that it's likely that's what we'll go with.”
 Dave Littlefield - “This injury is something very unfortunate. I feel bad for Sean.”
 Dave Littlefield - “I would consider him for a minor league job, but he just didn't have interest in that.”
 Dave Littlefield - “I'm aware of Jim Tracy and I have a great deal of respect for him. I would have interest in him now that he's available.”
 Dave Littlefield - “He has some left shoulder irritation. We don't anticipate this being any significant problem.”
 Dave Littlefield - “Generally you see this irritation situation as a result of guys trying to get started too quickly and do too much too soon. I think that's likely in this situation.”
 Dave Littlefield - “He was trying to get back to the bag and he slid a little late.”
 Dave Littlefield - “I think, with what was identified before the surgery, it really came off similar to what Dr. Thompson thought would happen. Considering all things, I think it is a good result.”
 Dave Littlefield - “Those are some challenges some young guys have to face, even guys as talented as he is. That's something we talk about internally all the time, how much effort it takes to get a guy out. Those 100 pitches in the major leagues are a heck of a lot tougher than those 100 pitches at the minor league level.”
 Dave Littlefield - “It's time to see if he can do it.”
 Dave Littlefield - “We're just at that time of year where we've got 10 days or so left, and we need to get innings to the right people and start building up the guys who are going to be playing.”
 Dave Littlefield - “I think we've always felt Gonzalez had the talent to do it. We felt this was time to see what he can do.”

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