My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve Littlejohn - “We ordered them to stop. But, today it was still on fire, and they were still bringing trucks in.”
 Steve Littlejohn - “We didn't go in specifically looking to locate on a university campus, A realization grew that there was something special that might happen here.”
 Darryl Littlejohn - “I can't really say I had anything to do with it at all. I was in the apartment. The only thing I pleaded guilty to was being in the wrong place and having a beeper.”
 Darryl Littlejohn - “I'm not taking away what happened to this lady and not to play the race card, but you are singling out the only black guy.”
 Darryl Littlejohn - “When they (police) first approached me at The Falls, I provided them with my real name, my real address, social security number, birth date, so on and so forth.”
 Steve Littlejohn - “If we can find opportunities to begin doing something now versus 12 months from now, it will strengthen the validity of the partnership and people can see the value of it.”