My Favorite Quotes
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 Jimmy Littleton - “I'm totally proud of what we've accomplished. The kids were so courageous over the past five weeks. They weren't going to give up.”
 Jimmy Littleton - “This is their first time (at the regional tournament) so they felt they had something to prove.”
 Jimmy Littleton - “I know they're quick, and they like to press. But we see those types of things up here all the time. We play against great teams up here every day. So they aren't going to show us anything that we haven't seen.”
 Jimmy Littleton - “We came out shooting the ball in the first quarter but they fought back like I knew they would. We tried going to a couple of different defenses but it didn't work. We knew going into the third quarter we had to play like we did in the first quarter.”
 Jimmy Littleton - “That was the game plan from the beginning, but he came out and scorched us. We had to do anything we could to get the ball out of his hands.”
 Jimmy Littleton - “The kids have so much confidence right now. They really thought they were going to put it to them.”