My Favorite Quotes
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 Rep. Litvack - “It answers the call from the public to address this issue. It gives law enforcement and prosecutors the tools to address these issues.”
 Karina Litvack - “Climate change is one particularly striking example of an environmental factor that can badly damage wealth.”
 Rep. Litvack - “It's a hasty move and, in my opinion, very ill advised.”
 Karina Litvack - “We have hired employment lawyers to come up with model language for contracts. We are hopeful this will be emulated by others in the industry.”
 Rep. Litvack - “This is domestic violence. The only difference is that they don't live together. . . . Everything that we've learned about domestic violence is true for dating violence.”
 Rep. Litvack - “We have to address the unique nature of crimes motivated by bias. Not that they are worse than a different type of crime, but that they are unique.”
 Karina Litvack - “What is clear is that the damage caused by ever more severe and frequent weather events...ripples across the economy to the eventual detriment of shareholders.”
 Karina Litvack - “There should be a little black cloud over them which follows wherever they go.”
 Karina Litvack - “On balance, it is healthy that these issues are being aired. People have been concerned about them and it is important to confront them.”