My Favorite Quotes
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 Vladimir Litvin - “Sooner or later we shall achieve unanimity. Prices will keep growing. This is the hard fact. It is a world trend. As for the pace of growth, it is still to be decided on.”
 Vladimir Litvin - “The most logical political decision, taking into account the mutual claims of massive violations, is to pronounce the elections invalid in the sense of trying to determine the real will of the people.”
 Vladimir Litvin - “Those are waging the struggle at present who want to remain uncontrollable and, shielding themselves with the head of state, to have a possibility to govern the country in the worst traditions not to be answerable for anything, but speak on behalf of the president.”
 Vladimir Litvin - “Watching how simultaneously statements are made, including at the top level, it can be understood that this is an organized campaign.”
 Vladimir Litvin - “The people will not benefit from this. The people's homes will not get warmer. It is nakedly clear that actions by those who are responsible for this sector are neither professional nor competent. Those people have triggered the gas crisis in relations with Russia.”