My Favorite Quotes
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 Valeri Liukin - “Hey, beam is beam. She hasn't fallen off the beam in a long time. You know she's not a machine. ... We'll move on.”
 Nastia Liukin - “This is a huge meet, and I wanted to do more than just come in and try my new skills. I wanted to hit (my routines) and I'll come in tomorrow to hopefully do the same.”
 Nastia Liukin - “I kind of wanted the perfect 10 to stay. But it was a good change. I'll get used to it and understand it more. Coming in, I wasn't sure what the concept was, but now I have a better idea.”
 Nastia Liukin - “It feels great, even though I had a mistake on the floor. Mostly all my routines are new compared to the World Championships, so I think I just need a little more time to get consistent.”
 Valeri Liukin - “I'm proud of her as a father and a coach. You can only dream of your baby working hard to get where she wants to be. And as a coach, what can I say Look at the results.”