My Favorite Quotes
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 Bob Livingston - “stick to our principles and set reasonable goals for ourselves.”
 David Livingston - “It's pretty standard for a new CEO to clean house,”
 Bob Livingston - “Look, I'm running for speaker of the House. I'm not running for sainthood, ... I'm not looking to be canonized. I am just a regular guy.”
 Bob Livingston - “I'd play with these Indian players, the tabla and sitar.”
 Bob Livingston - “I don't wanta do any Blues or any sad songs.”
 Bob Livingston - “The Vietnam War was happening, but Lubbock was... They put a pinch on it.”
 Bob Livingston - “We didn't know about the rest of the world. We just knew the pictures that we saw on TV, and it was so different that we wanted to try to imitate that, to a certain extent.”
 Bob Livingston - “We'd play at the Ambassador's house for an invited group of dignitaries from the government that might have gone to school in America to the U.S. Consulate that invites certain people that they're trying to target.”
 Ron Livingston - “They're either going to fire you or they're not. They can only fire you. That's all they can do. They can't take your thumbs.”
 Ron Livingston - “There is technique to it-he is just standing there flexing his arm, and I am standing there making faces as if I am being choked. You keep your head in a certain angle for the camera.”
 Ron Livingston - “The real intimidating stuff is the scene where you show up for the first day. You kind of square off, and that is where you look each other in the eye.”
 Ron Livingston - “It's kinda cool seeing people having real fights with people they really know.”
 Ron Livingston - “It can be liberating to get fired because you realize the world doesn't end. There's other ways to make money, better jobs.”
 Ron Livingston - “It all comes down to probable cause If you think something's up, maybe you gotta take a look.”
 Ron Livingston - “If you play your cards right things are going to happen in the long run. In the short run, it is anybody's guess.”
 Ron Livingston - “If I'm in something funny, I like to try and find some kind of serious line in it that people can relate to.”
 Ron Livingston - “I won't be naming names, but there are a couple of guys I know-I sort of combined them together to come up with his basic thing.”
 Ron Livingston - “I don't always get to do a lot of bad guys.”
 Ron Livingston - “Eric McCormack is directing talent waiting to happen.”
 Ron Livingston - “A lot of the stuff I have done had been not only the likable guy, but like the nice likable guy.”
 Steven Livingston - “There is a heightened level of expectation and fear that's evident. And that, after all, is the purpose of terrorism ... to create terror.”
 Pat Livingston - “I thought it was great for Fort Riley. You know a lot of these troops have just come back from Iraq and they'll have a big parade out there. It'll be a nice event.”
 Bob Livingston - “I try to spend some time in the street, cleaning up or whatever, ... I think the police are doing a good job. It's quite a bit different.”
 Ken Livingston - “We just afford them taxi cab fare. You're car's available by the time you get back.”
 Steven Livingston - “They even point out that this was the date of the victory at Lexington (April 19 and 20, 1775) against an oppressive government.”

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