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 Ron Livingston - “Any time you do physical stuff, violence, it is controlled. It's a little bit like you block the move.”
 Ron Livingston - “I would worry if people always associated me with Larry Sokolov.”
 Bob Livingston - “appears to be falling apart, tattered just in the last two years, unfortunately during your reign.”
 Bob Livingston - “This is quite a deal. We showed up yesterday and pulled out our guitars. We were out on the curb, standing in the street, and had a rehearsal. We couldn't even remember what was on those records.”
 John Livingston - “The food that we are sending out for the disaster response is food that we would normally distribute here to the food shelves and people of Minnesota, ... We're hoping that people in the state will step up and help us replenish those supplies.”
 David Livingston - “lifetime of pain and counseling.”
 Bob Livingston - “Now they are going to have to fund his research and he has the opportunity to show his stuff,”
 Steven Livingston - “I'm always looking for an opportunity to work with students.”
 Bob Livingston - “Education, for me, has helped me in my music.”
 Bob Livingston - “The Austin music scene is the reason why so many of them moved here.”
 Bob Livingston - “Fess Parker, when he played Davey Crockett, he had long hair. In Lubbock, everybody had to have a flat-top or you would get beat up. So here was The Beatles looking like Davey Crockett It was like a combination of Davey Crockett and music”
 Bob Livingston - “Then Willie Nelson hits town and comes to see us at a double concert at Mother Earth... he sees all the music, and half the people got long hair and beards and the other half are all rednecks. Then they take him over to the Armadillo and it's the same way... The energy was just... I mean, I wish I wasn't so stoned back then and would have been able to take more advantage of the situation Because anything could have happened”
 Bob Livingston - “So I got my Cowboy stuff on... I'm doing this stuff all over India. I went to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma. This last year we went to the Middle East. Me and my son went to Yemen, Syria, Kuwait, Jordan, Oman... Good Will for America”
 Bob Livingston - “I have decided to inform my colleagues and constituents that during my 33-year marriage to my wife, Bonnie, I have on occasion strayed from my marriage, and doing so nearly cost me my marriage and my family,”
 Ron Livingston - “Management don't really have any problem at all with firing people. It's a powerful idea that, If I'm not happy, I'll quit. I'll try something else”
 Bob Livingston - “I just wanted to make records, to be a musician full-time. I didn't know where I was gonna go, but I just headed out.”
 Ian Livingston - “The question is do we make (the service) available to all broadband customers or only BT broadband customers I suspect we'll first provide it to BT customers.”
 Ian Livingston - “If somebody wants to make a bid and it is in the shareholders' interests, fine ... What I know is if anyone wants to make a bid they'll have to pay that much more.”
 Ian Livingston - “We'll continue to buy additional businesses where they make sense.”
 Brad Livingston - “We'll continue to provide other services that make economic sense.”
 David Livingston - “I don't expect Albertson's to make any capital improvements in the division.”
 David Livingston - “These people make some pretty high dollars, and they're usually 50 to 55 years old. It's not easy to get a new job paying that kind of money.”
 Bob Livingston - “We are the majority -- have been the majority for the last four years, thanks to my friend Newt Gingrich ... But the problem is we are losing momentum. And what we don't want to do is be a minority party in two years and my speaker's race was integral to our keeping the majority party.”
 Bob Livingston - “Revolutionizing takes some talents, many talents, ... My friend Newt Gingrich brought those talents to bear and put the Republicans in the majority. Day-to-day governing takes others. I believe I have those talents.”
 Bob Livingston - “I went to Lubbock High School and graduated in 1967, The Summer of Love. I was a football player, actually and Freddie Akers was my football coach, who ended up coming to the University of Texas.”

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