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 Bob Livingston - “Here I was, this good guy that played football I was gonna go play in college but I had a bad senior year. But I played guitar in assemblies whenever I could.”
 Bob Livingston - “Music was big in the circles that I ran in, and they certainly weren't leftists or alienated. All the high school kids went to The Music Box and The Village Swinger every weekend, and they danced their asses off. These were Dance Bands, again. Otis Reading was big with the college people then.”
 Ron Livingston - “In corporate levels, it's all about tailoring your shirt and which tennis club you belong to and which watch you are wearing and what did you shoot last week”
 Bob Livingston - “I was a goodie-good kid my parents both worked for the First Methodist Church in Lubbock. My father was the Activities Director, and my mother was the General Secretary of the church.So I grew up in this church environment, but at the same time I had these thoughts of rebellion.”
 Ron Livingston - “The old way of thinking is, you get a job out of school and you're still with the company and you're loyal to them and they take care of you.”
 Ron Livingston - “Life is not always like chess. Just because you have the king surrounded, don't think he is not capable of hurting you.”
 John Livingston - “Computer loss and theft represents a huge security risk to both individuals and corporations. It's absolutely imperative to safeguard computing assets because of the direct financial implications as well as the liability of exposure and malicious use of the data that the computer holds. A single 1,000 laptop may hold credit card numbers, private client information and years of accumulated knowledge that could cost an organization millions of dollars in business and lawsuits. A few simple steps can mitigate risk and prevent a devastating loss.”
 John Livingston - “Computer loss and theft represents a huge security risk to both individuals and corporations. A single 1,000 laptop may hold credit card numbers, private client information and years of accumulated knowledge that could cost an organization millions of dollars in business and lawsuits.”
 Ron Livingston - “Little Black Book is about what happens after two people wake up, see each other the next morning and go, OK, what the hell did I get myself into”
 Bob Livingston - “These guys were all rednecks, but they just loved music We'd drive all the way down to San Antonio and go to Eastwood Country Club, which is the Black club... And we'd go to Ft. Worth to The Cave.”
 John Livingston - “As a measure of our success toward achieving our goal of becoming the industry standard, we've set objectives over the coming two years to grow to 1 million subscribers from 440,000 at the end of fiscal 2005, ... A key enabling strategy for these objectives is to establish BIOS relationships with the top tier computer OEMs. We believe that our embedded BIOS relationship with IBM was a key factor in driving Q4-2005 sales contract growth, and is an indication of the future potential of this strategy. We are continuing to advance this strategy, and subsequent to year end we announced Gateway as the second OEM to begin embedding Absolute's software into their BIOS.”
 Bob Livingston - “People say about Lubbock that everybody that comes out of there is either a musician or a dope dealer or something like that. And that's true to a certain extent, because Lubbock is just so... like when I was there, it was dry. There was no way to even get a beer.”
 Bob Livingston - “I had never, ever drunk beer in high school, and by the time I got to Tech we were having these parties out in the cotton fields and getting so drunk. I was the champion beer drinker suddenly I was pouring it down my throat... Insane Insane”
 Ken Livingston - “It is a work about courage, beauty and defiance,”
 Bob Livingston - “As a constitutional matter, I share your view that censure of the president would violate the careful balance of separation of powers and the scheme laid out by the framers (of the Constitution) to address the issue of executive misconduct,”
 John Livingston - “From a financial perspective, fiscal 2005 milestones include record sales contracts in the fourth quarter and fiscal year, positive cash from operations in all four quarters, strengthening of our balance sheet following a 5.5 million private placement, and a promising sales pipeline in each of our key target markets - education, corporate and consumer. As a result, we are well positioned to continue our sales growth and cash positive trends into fiscal 2006.”
 David Livingston - “I don't want you to get the impression we strong-armed them. We just said it would not be a good career move.”
 John Livingston - “Fiscal 2005 saw Absolute achieve significant milestones toward establishing our company as the standard for Computer Theft Recovery and Secure Asset Tracking. We reached an agreement with IBMLenovo to embed our software in the BIOS of all new ThinkPad laptops, we began enforcing our intellectual property resulting in several competitors choosing to either license our patents or resell our software, we announced an agreement with LoJack to brand our consumer offering under the well-known LoJack name, and we continued to expand our sales and marketing relationships with key OEMs.”
 John Livingston - “We've identified the Embedded strategy as one of our foremost growth drivers. To date we have signed up HP, Lenovo and Gateway as partners and we continue to work with other computer manufacturers to adopt our BIOS initiative.”
 Bob Livingston - “We have left the issue of impeachment to the consciences of the men and women in the Congress, ... Unfortunately, that's not been the case with respect to the White House and the administration. They've weighed in, they've lobbied, but we've said it's a matter of conscience.”
 Bob Livingston - “I fought every ... administration when they tried to use the Corps of Engineers as a piggy bank to pay for other projects, ... I had major battles with the Clinton administration.”
 Edward Livingston - “It means that through knowledge have come responsibility and hope, and through both, action.”

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