My Favorite Quotes
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 Twis Lizasuain - “We're very fortunate that they were able to come out safely. Unfortunately, one of the suspects had to be shot and did die at the scene, but we feel very good about the outcome.”
 Twis Lizasuain - “Our understanding was that there were some weapons inside the house so we were concerned for that individual.”
 Twis Lizasuain - “The witness indicated to us that the male suspect had told her to come outside, let the deputies know everything was OK and then to go back inside. But the deputies did not feel that she was safe and so they took her.”
 Twis Lizasuain - “That was a big deal yesterday for the agency. It takes our resources away from legitimate cases that we're working.”
 Twis Lizasuain - “(Moeller) spent the evening late last night and into the early morning hours with our detectives and has been cooperating with us so far.”
 Twis Lizasuain - “At approximately 10 a.m. this morning, one of our deputies tried to serve a warrant on an individual who had a warrant for violation of probation out of Marion County.”
 Twis Lizasuain - “It would be a crime if you entered any vehicle, whether a patrol car or personal vehicle, without the owner's permission.”
 Twis Lizasuain - “We found 16 movies and a medical doctor confirmed that 14 of those were children in sex acts and they were under the age of 18.”
 Twis Lizasuain - “It's a probable homicide. Based on information we received from the medical examiner and the way her body was found, we do believe it is a homicide.”
 Twis Lizasuain - “The burns were to portions of her body, not the entire body because we were able to make a partial description.”
 Twis Lizasuain - “We don't release the location of the checkpoints ahead of time for obvious reasons. People would just take another route to where they're going.”
 Twis Lizasuain - “We want to conduct a thorough investigation to find out specifically what happened and then we are gonna take action at that point.”