My Favorite Quotes
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 Rasim Ljajic - “Information on direct negotiations with Mladic and information that he is located in a town in the Serbian heartland are absolutely untrue.”
 Rasim Ljajic - “I have to say that in the case of Ratko Mladic we are waging a double battle -- with time and with the fact that the fugitive general is hiding himself very well.”
 Rasim Ljajic - “We will invest most serious efforts by the end of this month to meet this obligation.”
 Rasim Ljajic - “We are doing all we can to fulfill this obligation regardless of the pressure and additional deadlines.”
 Rasim Ljajic - “I have never heard of a funeral which is conducted at night, in the backyard of the family home and without the presence of the family.”
 Rasim Ljajic - “It's unbelievable. No one, let alone the widow of a former president, should live like this. The least we could do is fix the hole in the living room ceiling.”
 Rasim Ljajic - “This second case of suicide certainly won't help our public's perception about the tribunal.”
 Rasim Ljajic - “I am convinced this will lift all doubt from us that we are hiding something from The Hague. This was the most concrete step we could take.”
 Rasim Ljajic - “I don't think Serbia-Montenegro is in danger, we are not interesting to them (the militants).”
 Rasim Ljajic - “We handed them a complete file, which is a concrete evidence of cooperation with the tribunal and fulfillment of obligations that we took upon ourselves.”
 Rasim Ljajic - “We need to have clear and transparent answers to show full cooperativeness towards the war crimes tribunal and enable access to our archives, which will be assessed as a great advance in cooperation.”
 Rasim Ljajic - “We think that the attack was a response to our recently announced plan for a political solution of the crisis. The militants do not want negotiations, they want to draw us into a complete armed confrontation.”
 Rasim Ljajic - “We will see if it will be possible to announce some results or, because of toxicology analysis, it would need at least 24 hours more to have more detailed results.”
 Rasim Ljajic - “The Albanian representatives demanded more time for additional consultations, so they could not accept and sign this agreement.”
 Rasim Ljajic - “That is one of the most important decisions of the National Council. I hope that it will stop all the accusations that Serbia and Montenegro is not cooperating with the Tribunal.”