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 Freddie Ljungberg - “I'm hoping they will be a bit more offensive and that will give us more space and we can go at them. It's still an open match, but I think we have the upper hand.”
 Freddie Ljungberg - “I'm hoping that they will be a bit more offensive and that they will probably give up more space, and we can go at them. I'm looking forward to it. It's a good result that we have. Not fantastic, but good.”
 Fredrik Ljungberg - “It's good to be feeling so fit before this tournament,”
 Fredrik Ljungberg - “We are much fresher this time. After we scored the second goal (against Bulgaria) we really started to pass the ball around on the floor and they were the ones to get tired.”
 Fredrik Ljungberg - “It's a relief. I am really looking forward to this and to finally being playing tomorrow.”
 Fredrik Ljungberg - “I must wait and see. I will not risk anything if I'm not 100 fit.”
 Fredrik Ljungberg - “Our routine has changed a lot from four years ago,”
 Freddie Ljungberg - “Vieira was a great player, very physical and helped us in the middle of the park, but we've been working hard on this aspect of the game. We've filled in with young players who have done well but everyone needs time to grow, develop and learn. I've been here for a while and know that the physical side of the Premiership is a big part of it.”
 Freddie Ljungberg - “We have been a lot more compact. With three in the middle we can cover the centre-backs and it has worked well in Europe.”
 Freddie Ljungberg - “We know the situation we're in and the gap there is now. We're 10 points behind Liverpool and it will be very hard for us to make that up. We do have Liverpool and Spurs at home still, so hopefully we can make the gap smaller but we know how tough it will be now.”
 Freddie Ljungberg - “When you play against a Spanish team, especially Madrid, it is quite an open game. There was time and space to play. They are very good going forward but because they go forward a lot, they open up at the back.”
 Freddie Ljungberg - “It's Thierry's own decision, no one else's. We're going to a new stadium next year so that will definitely help for him to stay.”
 Fredrik Ljungberg - “It was great to score but we didn't win so of course we're disappointed. I think we played well and created quite a few goal chances but unfortunately we did not manage to convert them.”
 Freddie Ljungberg - “We're not big-headed, but when you play for Arsenal, every time you enter a competition you are trying to win it, and that's what we hope to do.”
 Fredrik Ljungberg - “There have been problems in the past and it's difficult to get them out of your mind. It's important for us to calm down and play our football because that's what we do best. If you don't and it gets physical, some of us aren't that big.”