My Favorite Quotes
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 Arne Ljungqvist - “The athletes, to my knowledge, have been tested before they left.”
 Arne Ljungqvist - “We wish to avoid the image of conducting some sort of witch hunt here, but we have reason to follow up a certain number of cases.”
 Arne Ljungqvist - “We had such information that a raid was a necessity.”
 Arne Ljungqvist - “We, like many other federations, were not 100 percent happy with the code, but for the sake of harmonization and loyalty and to move the code forward we sort of compromised, all of us.”
 Arne Ljungqvist - “I believe they may well, if they have been properly stored without access to outside people so they cannot be tampered with. Also in a refrigerator or deep frozen, ... If not in such a situation there's no guarantee they have not been subjected to undue temperatures.”
 Arne Ljungqvist - “We adopted the WADA code two years ago at our last congress including the two years' ban,”
 Arne Ljungqvist - “That he was in the same area (as the athletes) created quite some concern for us.”
 Arne Ljungqvist - “We want to avoid any kind of image of a witch-hunt, but we have reason ... to follow up a certain number of cases by blood analysis.”
 Arne Ljungqvist - “We never asked the Italian police to take action. We informed them that we would conduct testing on the evening of the 18th and they decided to take action at the same time.”