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 Nick Lobaccaro - “GM clearly benefited from the industry volumes being on the high side. We expect things to be on a brisk pace, but think Ford may be better positioned for the long term.”
 Nicholas LoBaccaro - “It's definitely positive news. The amount is more than most people thought it would be when it took place, and most people didn't think it would happen now in any case.”
 Nick Lobaccaro - “They will make up at least 70 percent of those losses by the end of the first quarter next year, unless there is another strike.”
 Nick Lobaccaro - “Ford is trading at eight times earnings while DaimlerChrysler is at 12 times earnings. We think Ford has a strong and stable management team while we're seeing turmoil at DaimlerChrysler. And Ford is increasingly investing in products that make a lot of money, whereas Daimler is beginning to try to make vehicles that don't tend to make a lot of money.”
 Nick Lobaccaro - “There's a deep Chrysler team that helped the company -- it wasn't just him -- but he's very, very highly regarded, certainly considered among the top auto executives in the world. So it is a question, why can't you have a role for perhaps one of the most talented guys in the industry”
 Nicholas LoBaccaro - “We continue to believe that Ford is fundamentally a much stronger company than GM and DaimlerChrysler, which is obvious from a comparison of each company's third-quarter performance.”
 Nicholas LoBaccaro - “It seems like he has stakes in a lot of companies. Sometimes he's very active. Sometimes he's passive. Federal Mogul is a company he's been putting money into, and it hasn't helped the stock price.”
 Nick Lobaccaro - “Based on the billion people in China, and the likely hitting of middle class status for hundreds of millions of people over the next several years, GM wants to be there early, establish a brand equity early. And their ambitions are to be a major player in China for the long term.”
 Nicholas LoBaccaro - “I don't know if they're chomping at the bit to unlock the value of Hughes any time soon. If look at the way the stock fell from 94 in April, you see that without Hughes being center of attention, the auto business gets almost no value on Wall Street.”
 Nicholas LoBaccaro - “We continue to believe that Ford will enjoy a significant advantage over GM and DaimlerChrysler in terms of mix, incentive levels and the ability to significantly grow luxury sales. Ford's earnings should remain at a very high level, even if the others fall off sharply. Ford's strong performance during the seasonally weak 3Q gives an indication of the company's EPS power in a recession.”