My Favorite Quotes
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 Andrew Lochart - “We thought we were going to have a boring year in viruses, and Sober really shook that up.”
 Andrew Lochart - “Even when you've got the tools in place, it's something you want to be vigilant about.”
 Andrew Lochart - “That's an exceptional number for a virus in a 24-hour period. Things quieted down a little bit after a tremendous outbreak last week, but now this thing has gone back to pegging the needle.”
 Andrew Lochart - “This is not a spam reduction measure. It is a way for a legitimate merchant to avoid getting a falsepositive in an AOL spam filter.”
 Andrew Lochart - “Support of the TLS protocol is built into all the modern mail servers. It simply needs to be turned on.”
 Andrew Lochart - “The issue of IM is that it's being used on the public networks. IM is subject to all the same problems as e-mail. It's extremely fast and efficient at propagating to a buddy list.”
 Andrew Lochart - “Unless you're checking the log files on a mail server, you're not going to be aware this is happening. What you might be aware of is slow performance on your mail server.”
 Andrew Lochart - “Not surprisingly, 85 per cent said spam and virus protection had been their number one concern in 2005.”
 Andrew Lochart - “One of the things Sober does is it turns your computer into a spam zombie.”
 Andrew Lochart - “The issue with those systems is -- and this is just starting to change -- is that those are just LAN-based systems. Your employees can IM each other, but they don't help you communicate with customers, people outside of their domain.”
 Andrew Lochart - “When you have an email server like Microsoft Exchange, which is the most common for small businesses, you end up buying more hardware than you need in order to process the spam you've let in.”
 Andrew Lochart - “The source of the vast majority of spam doesn't come from legitimate business entities. They the plans don't actually prevent spam, and they ask legitimate senders to pay for the sins of the real spammers.”
 Andrew Lochart - “Until Thanksgiving, it was looking like a fairly ho-hum year in the area of e- mail viruses, and then the Sober variant broke out, and it set every record in the books for the sheer number of copies of it that we detected and blocked and its ability to propagate itself. It was unprecedented.”