My Favorite Quotes
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 Ryan Lochte - “It was my last race, and I just wanted to give everything I had because there wasn't another race left.”
 Ryan Lochte - “We had our minds set on it all year. I'm glad I could go out and accomplish these goals.”
 Ryan Lochte - “Hopefully how the US did tonight will hype up everyone else and it will improve for tomorrow and Sunday. We'll see what happens.”
 Ryan Lochte - “Traveling over here, it was tough getting used to the time change. Usually, the first day is always the hardest for me to get used to. I just brushed it off of last night and got focused for my events.”
 Ryan Lochte - “With the first world record, I was so shocked that I didn't think it had really happened. I've thought about breaking world records before, but Sunday night I was just going out there, racing tough and having fun.”
 Ryan Lochte - “The biggest thing I'll miss is being part of the team.”
 Ryan Lochte - “It is perfect and I feel excited. It is my first world record in this championship. What is special is the atmosphere here is so good and I like the pool. The competition is hard but it is a great push to me.”