My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Lockhart - “This mission does not represent the United States government. It is private and it is humanitarian.”
 Joe Lockhart - “Given the importance of the issues at hand, the president and Prime Minister Netanyahu and Chairman Arafat believe it is appropriate to stay and work on these important issues.”
 Joe Lockhart - “some kind of a national standard, law, on hate crimes.”
 Joe Lockhart - “Ari is hot right now because people want insights into the Bush White House.”
 Joe Lockhart - “You let someone know that you are leaving the White House on July 1 and by February you are already booked.”
 Joe Lockhart - “If you are looking for a message to take back the House and the Senate or the White House, there are better ways to go about it.”
 Joe Lockhart - “The White House has not been informed of anyone planning to leave,”
 Joe Lockhart - “I take responsibility for my own actions, ... I deeply regret it. I'm dealing with the people I have hurt the most. And I'll have nothing further to say.”
 Joe Lockhart - “The idea that we didn't get along is ridiculous,”
 Joe Lockhart - “As far as the resumption of talks, it's impossible to predict when those talks might resume.”
 Joe Lockhart - “You know, it's impossible to predict at this point where these talks will lead, but it's obviously an important step and an important part of the process that they have been brought together in this forum to have discussions directly.”
 Joe Lockhart - “I think that it won't add any new information and can be put in the category of a stunt.”
 Joe Lockhart - “both of them are people with great intellect, very engaging, very interesting to be around and have a real sense of where the country's going.”
 Joe Lockhart - “The United States stands firmly in support of a solution that offers justice and human rights for all the citizens of a unified, peaceful and prosperous Sri Lanka.”
 Joe Lockhart - “Both the president and the first lady are very concerned and asked to be kept up to date on the situation.”
 Joe Lockhart - “occupies a very unique position of leadership in the region.”
 Joe Lockhart - “This letter is a positive sign that members on the Hill... don't believe that the president should be removed from office and want to find a bipartisan way to put this behind us in a prompt manner,”
 Calista Flockhart - “Whenever you move, I think you lose your history.”
 Calista Flockhart - “What I say now is that the way the world underestimates me will be my greatest weapon. People pat me on the head, and I go to myself, oh, and aren't they going to be surprised.”
 Calista Flockhart - “The only real indulgence was buying a house. That was a pretty big step.”
 Calista Flockhart - “No, I am who I am. I'm not going to change for anybody.”
 Calista Flockhart - “I've had a couple of long relationships. And I've had a couple of shorter relationships.”
 Calista Flockhart - “I've dated a couple of guys where I've not told them how old I am. Ever. I've dated them, broken up with them, and they still don't know how old I am.”
 Calista Flockhart - “I've been doing a lot of hiking, which I love.”
 Calista Flockhart - “But it kills me, this fascination with celebrities' personal lives.”

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