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 Charles Lockwood - “Up until the mid-19th century serving refreshments and socializing on the stoops was done by every income group all over the city,”
 Doug Lockwood - “Now that canker's in the large citrus groves and can't be controlled, they would literally be wiping out the industry to continue the program.”
 Skip Lockwood - “A lot of provisions in this law have the potential to chill uses of information, especially among competitors.”
 Belva Lockwood - “I know we can't abolish prejudice through laws, but we can set up guidelines for our actions by legislation.”
 Gary Lockwood - “STAR TREK wouldn't die. There were a whole lot of young people who were touched by the thought process of science fiction. If you watched a cop show, there wasn't anything that was going to stimulate your mind.”
 John Lockwood - “It's really funny, ... They were able to pass this law in a relatively short amount of time, but they weren't able to get school finance done.”
 Tim Lockwood - “We've had so many of those kind of innings that went the other way, it was nice to finally capitalize on one of our own. We've had trouble coming up with innings like this, and we've given away too many of them to the other team.”
 Gary Lockwood - “I don't watch television. I'm not a TV guy.”
 Charles Lockwood - “There were horrific cases occurring among women going through a trial of labor. There's a lot of hard, irrefutable data on the increased risk. It would have been immoral to not have come out with the new recommendation.”
 Tim Lockwood - “We're going to carry 13 on the varsity roster, with a couple guys we'll move up and down. A lot of this team is coming back. The last two years, we've only lost two starters, and a lot of the kids we still have are playing a lot of ball in the summer. So far, so good for us. And we'll see how everything works out.”
 Doug Lockwood - “People need to take their time. If they do, it will be worth their while.”
 Skip Lockwood - “Maryland is the first state that seems to be going section-by-section through the bill, because so much opposition to this has come out of the woodwork that they are very concerned.”
 Skip Lockwood - “Spouses play a critical role in managing their husbands' illness. Having the opportunity to talk with someone else who has the same thoughts -- the same ups and downs -- can put things in proper perspective.”
 Natasha Lockwood - “Life hasn't really gone back to normal yet, but then it never really was normal, because after the wedding we were getting ready for him to leave.”
 Tim Lockwood - “It was nice to see our kids come back. They fought hard. Obviously, we went up early and fell back behind, which is where we got in trouble last night. But the kids really pulled through.”
 Charles Lockwood - “I think a lot (of the increase) has come about because physicians don't want to be awakened in the middle of the night, so they schedule patients when it is convenient.”
 John Lockwood - “They're passing legislation against something they don't even understand, which is kind of scary. There were lots of rules and regulations I built into it personally to make it safe and ethical.”
 Mitch Lockwood - “Make sure that the inside spread of the buck's rack is wider than the tips of the ears. To be safe, look for some daylight between the inside of the main beams and the tips of his ears.”
 Mitch Lockwood - “To be honest, I am quite surprised with how low hunter error is. Furthermore, it's not the kids who are making the few errors. The hunters, especially youth hunters, are having very little problem understanding this regulation and using good judgment in the field.”
 Tim Lockwood - “Both teams played well. Unfortunately for Shannon, they got the run and we didn't. He's been the tough-luck loser the last two games in a row. It's good to see him starting to step up.”
 Tim Lockwood - “Shannon has thrown four games, and he's 0-4. But, especially in two of them, he's thrown very well. Today it was sad to see him get a loss in something like this.”
 Tim Lockwood - “It's been the story of the season. Even today, they only got two runs in the third, but we made some mistakes and helped them get their runs. That's not putting a loss on anybody - we still have to score more than one run to win - but it's tough to lose one that way.”
 Belva Lockwood - “I do not believe in sex distinction in literature, law, politics, or trade - or that modesty and virtue are more becoming to women than to men, but wish we had more of it everywhere.”
 Tim Lockwood - “We had a walk-off hit by pitch. We had a single to tie it. They intentionally walked the next guy to set up a force play at the plate. We ran a fake squeeze and they hit the batter.”
 Mitch Lockwood - “The neighbors simply aren't 'doing it' anymore. And if they do, rest assured that the guy next door has the local game warden on speed dial. It's been interesting to see how the hunters and landowners are keeping their eyes and ears open, making sure everyone is playing by the rules. They really want this to work and their efforts are paying off.”

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