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 Kurt Loder - “And so popular culture raises issues that are very important, actually, in the country I think. You get issues of the First Amendment rights and issues of drug use, issues of AIDS, and things like that all arise naturally out of pop culture.”
 Kurt Loder - “I was in college for two years, and just hated it in the '60s.”
 Kurt Loder - “If you ask questions that interest you, you'll get answers that interest your audience.”
 Kurt Loder - “If your audience is young, it'd be youth culture, if your audience is older, it'd be older people, if it were senior citizens, it'd be senior citizen issues. So you try and hit the target audience.”
 Kurt Loder - “I think television often has dismissed younger people. They figure, well, they're not really watching news, that's not our audience.”
 Kurt Loder - “Well, news is anything that's interesting, that relates to what's happening in the world, what's happening in areas of the culture that would be of interest to your audience.”
 Kurt Loder - “And that's very important, too, 'cause a lot of people just assume everyone's a Democrat, or everyone's a Republican or whatever, and they're not. And that's a really important thing to adhere to.”

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