My Favorite Quotes
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 Todd Lodwick - “Brett had proven himself through this winter that he is a better competitor. He deserved a spot on the team. It's disappointing.”
 Todd Lodwick - “I've trained really hard all year, and to be dragged down by one person really hurts. I've worked hard. I just have not had the opportunity to have four really strong guys all at the same time. It's not on my shoulders. I can only do what I can do, and hopefully that is jumping far and skiing fast.”
 Todd Lodwick - “I gave it my best effort, but Clint just beat me today. I'm going to miss being at the top of these jumps, looking out over Steamboat. It's been a lot of fun.”
 Todd Lodwick - “This whole year has been planned from early summer. I had a child and we had to plan around it and look at it as a time to find out what's really important. Through the whole season we came up with a plan to peak this weekend.”
 Todd Lodwick - “It's been 12 seasons on the World Cup tour and I needed a break from it all and still be able to perform at my highest level. It was the perfect plan from the start.”
 Todd Lodwick - “We've got one guy way out of shape and picked for the team. That's not the athletes' decision, it's the coaches' decision.”
 Todd Lodwick - “I didn't jump the way I wanted to. I haven't had that really good feeling. ... This is not a break, but it's a blessing in disguise. We weren't prepared mentally the way we should have been.”