My Favorite Quotes
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 Darin Loe - “Anytime you can get your best hitter back in the game it's going to be good for you.”
 Kameron Loe - “It's swollen a little bit right now and a little bit tender, but I wouldn't even say I'm hurt.”
 Darin Loe - “I think the thing that we really have to improve is staying away from the big inning. In most all of our losses we've given up anywhere from four to eight runs in one inning and that really puts ourselves in a hole.”
 Michael Erbschloe - “These people knew where they were going. If someone has source code, they will have an easier time breaking into other Microsoft-based systems in the future.”
 Kameron Loe - “I think I may have to warm up earlier next time. Actually, the clock in the clubhouse was eight minutes slow and I got to the bullpen a little late. I'll be ready next time.”
 Kameron Loe - “I've wanted this for a long time. It's good to get the first one out of the way. I went after hitters, was aggressive and kept away from the free bases.”
 Matshube Mfoloe - “She was shot five times and died instantly.”
 Kameron Loe - “It's really nice to get that first one. Very nice. I felt like I could have gotten it a couple of times. ... I try not to get discouraged. I knew that I was pitching well enough to win, and it was just not going my way.”
 Darin Loe - “We just wanted to get back on the winning track. We came out swinging the bats really well today and that was good to see.”
 Jim McCloe - “(Friday), it was a two-point lead, so we knew we had to catch fire. Well, we placed all but one of our guys in the top five. Today we just took off. I thought we looked good in everything we've been working on.”
 Matshube Mfoloe - “The four were suspended from duty today (Tuesday), pending the outcome of an internal disciplinary probe by the department into their involvement in fraud and corruption.”
 Kameron Loe - “It's very disappointing. We're battling and barely coming up short. We've still got to go out there tomorrow and grind.”
 Darin Loe - “Matt Kelly came out and pitched a complete game, scattered five hits and didn't walk anybody, didn't hit anybody and made quality pitches when he needed to. Bottom line that's the key to the game today.”
 Jim McCloe - “In 31 years, this is the best group we've ever had.”
 Michael Erbschloe - “I would agree that this is going to end up being the most expensive incident across the board, with regard to the number of organizations that are having to foot the bill to clean it up.”
 Kameron Loe - “You don't want to make excuses, but yeah -- I still thought I could get it done. I didn't feel nearly as bad as I do now.”
 Kameron Loe - “If you don't have that feeling, something's wrong. Every single guy in here wants that job as badly as I do. It's up to me to work hard, win that job and make the most of it.”
 Jim McCloe - “I'm thrilled to death. I'm not taking anything for granted, but hopefully we can do well (today).”
 Kameron Loe - “Wilson did great. He absolutely did great. I had great defense behind me, but C.J. did it tonight and I give a lot of credit to him. We talk about going out there and doing what we can. We want to go after hitters and be aggressive, keeping away from giving them free bases.”
 Matshube Mfoloe - “The decision to suspend them was taken in line with the disciplinary code of conduct and procedure for public servants.”
 Michael Erbschloe - “The ruling will open up the competition somewhat among competitive local exchange carriers ... But it won't lower the cost for the typical service provider.”
 Kameron Loe - “We have four or five young guys who are looking for spots in the rotation. That competition will be good for us. There's a lot of hope for next year, a lot of good young arms. We've needed pitching and I think we've got it on the way.”
 Kameron Loe - “I felt the most calm and in control than I've ever felt on a major league mound. I know I belong here and I know I can beat anybody. I felt like I could put it anywhere. I felt confident.”
 Kameron Loe - “I got ahead of hitters and my stuff looked a little sharper tonight. I attacked the strike zone. It's very nice to get first win.”
 Michael Erbschloe - “Africa, South America, and parts of Asia are behind because the infrastructure hasn't been built out, and the costs are very high for people to get connected to the Internet.”