My Favorite Quotes
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 Sam Loeffler - “I get along with Pete really, really well, and we get along with Joe fine. Honestly, we've learned how to give each other our space. We totally know what the breaking point is, and we bite our tongues.”
 Scot Loeffler - “History has proven that they have a great track record. One thing you know is that they are going to be fundamentally sound, know the game inside and out and will be able to handle pressure.”
 Sue Loeffler - “She's an awesome person to have on the team. She's supportive and stays up there (at the track) a long time practicing.”
 Sue Loeffler - “She ran out real hard. It was a fun race to watch.”
 Sue Loeffler - “We've gotten fourth place the last two years. It would be nice to take it up a step.”
 Scot Loeffler - “It's been a trend that they compete like heck. There are not very many places where the pressure and expectations are that high.”
 Sam Loeffler - “We never told anybody about (our relationship), even after we were signed. I didn't want anybody to talk about it. I don't care if people know we're brothers -- I just don't want them to lump the music into something.”
 Scot Loeffler - “What's amazing is that every single year, the record book is re-written. The bar is set so high that the next guy has to live up to that. That player has to rewrite the record book. That's why they succeed.”