My Favorite Quotes
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 Matt Loesch - “This resolution is not about the police or Resident Advisors RAs busting into rooms to break up parties. These rules are all in the housing lease. This is about all college services trying to give you a warning about any work that may need to be done that may impede your personal space.”
 Matt Loesch - “There are a million anecdotes that show that the College hasn't given students fair warning about work that is being done to their rooms. Students have said that several times there have been two knocks on their door and it opens without warning. Others have experienced workers peering into their windows.”
 Matt Loesch - “All we're looking for is a fair warning before College employees come to student's rooms. We want some sort of middle group with administration. Sometimes the rules are followed. This is to make sure that they are followed all of the time.”
 Matt Loesch - “The resolution is going through Campus Safety and to the administration that it affects. We're hoping to reach a compromise with administration that as long as there isn't suspicion of a College violation that the College will provide two forms of communication prior to coming to student's rooms.”