My Favorite Quotes
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 Alan Loewenstein - “One thing that will hurt international tech companies is that we don't expect the dollar to weaken much more so year-over-year revenue gains are going to be a lot tougher to come by.”
 Alan Loewenstein - “The Internet is the one area where you're going to have the most explosive growth.”
 Alan Loewenstein - “On the data networking side, if you're going to have the Internet be more of a mainstay, then you're going to have to put in the infrastructure.”
 Alan Loewenstein - “What we'd like to hear from Cisco is that visibility going into the next quarter is better but we probably won't get that because there still isn't much clarity about business spending.”
 Alan Loewenstein - “The economy has been growing and that's been a benefit for Microsoft. That's going to be a positive not only for this quarter but throughout the rest of the year.”