My Favorite Quotes
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 John Loftin - “You tell kids to run over the holiday, but they never do. (Christian) was tired, but I couldn't take her out -- not with (McAllen) being so close to us.”
 John Loftin - “We can't simulate (Coronado's press) in practice or nobody else can because they spend 70 to 90 percent of their time in practice working on it. The kids are shocked when they see it. Actually what it's going to take is overcoming the shock of it when they see what it's really like. Then they jump on you and if you can recover from it then you're OK. Most teams don't recover.”
 John Loftin - “We play against that type of game plan all the time. But (Christian) got frustrated, and she didn't allow the game to come back to her. Her shot was flat, and I think she forced the issue. She pushed herself into the game instead of letting the game come to her.”
 John Loftin - “We're in a perfect situation. All we have to do is take care of business. I felt like if we had won at Cooper we could still win district. Now we can get in a playoff spot, but there are a lot of possibilities left.”
 John Loftin - “What makes it rough on us is we have to go to Raquel so much. Everything they do is double-teaming the basketball so they're not going to let anybody keep the ball very long. They scouted us last game so they're not going to let her do much.”
 John Loftin - “I thought we played excellent basketball and stayed with our game plan for three quarters. We've got kids that don't have enough playing experience. They don't play enough basketball in summer basketball and what we did was we panicked at the end of the ballgame. Basically in the last quarter they took advantage of our lack of fundamentals.”
 John Loftin - “I really am (surprised). The reason for that is they don't have much post play. They have good athletes and tremendous shooters. I think they'll take some hits in the second round. They won some close games. Before the season's over, that's liable to balance out.”