My Favorite Quotes
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 Kyle Lohse - “Everything has been put behind us, ... I'm focusing on trying to win some games and trying to keep us in the thick of things.”
 Kyle Lohse - “You lose that many one-run games - it's tough. You realize that somewhere down the line, there's something you could've done that could've really made a difference. ... I'm competitive. I didn't like the way things were going. Things kind of snowballed. I reacted in a bad way.”
 Kyle Lohse - “You know, he's a very good ballplayer and very sound, fundamentally. The thing is, we have a lot of guys in that outfield. I'm just glad I don't have to call those shots.”
 Kyle Lohse - “He's pretty remarkable with that. I think when you handle it the way he did, he gets more respect than he has already. I think he showed a lot of leadership in being able to take that. That's what you want out of the leader of your staff.”
 Kyle Lohse - “That was terrible execution at that time. Things weren't going my way, and that capped it off right there.”
 Kyle Lohse - “Maybe I'll try to skip (the start) next time it comes up. I'll go have a talk with the manager.”
 Kyle Lohse - “I'm locating a lot better than I usually do at this time of year. Everything feels in sync.”
 Kyle Lohse - “It's been a little bit of a struggle for a while now. You can't go out there and hit yourself in the head every time you have games like this.”
 Kyle Lohse - “It kind of got away from me that one inning. But I battled and kept us in the game. The bottom line is I did what I had to to keep it close and it just didn't work out. I had nothing today. My fastball was all over the place. But the key is to be able to pitch out of jams.”
 Kyle Lohse - “I would have liked to have somebody stand behind me and say 'We've got your back. Go out there and shut them down from here on. But that didn't happen today, so whatever.”
 Kyle Lohse - “That was painful to watch. But it's just spring training. He'll be all right. He's a good pitcher.”
 Kyle Lohse - “I wish I hadn't reacted the way I did, ... but it was my reaction and it was wrong.”
 Kyle Lohse - “There's no division among the players, ... It's been a uphill battle, and we've been feeling the pressure and sometimes it's come out the wrong way, but I think everyone has handled it. There have not been any knock-down, drag-out fights.”
 Kyle Lohse - “The way it's starting out, it's very similar to the last four or five years. Eventually, it'll work out, one way or the other. If we end up actually having some negotiations, it'll be good.”
 Kyle Lohse - “I can't complain about being here, ... We have been in the playoff hunt the last four years. I like playing here, and I think this other stuff can be resolved. I know little things have come up, but they have been resolved.”
 Kyle Lohse - “I was using his aggressiveness to my advantage. He's a good hitter. He's come up clutch. I was able to make pitches up and out of the zone and get him out in front a little on off-speeds. That was the key.”
 Kyle Lohse - “I'll make my next start.”
 Kyle Lohse - “I wasn't going to give into Sweeney, ever. That's the one guy in the lineup I'm not going to get beat by. Some of the other walks, I made some bad pitches and fell behind. I think the key was I never gave in. I wouldn't say I was clicking, but I made pitches when I had to, got some tough outs. That was one of the things I needed to be able to do. When you're able to make pitches, you feel pretty good about it. That was the story tonight.”
 Kyle Lohse - “Those guys are pretty good hitters. It's good to have that kind of competition at this time of year.”
 Kyle Lohse - “I'm not happy to have it come to this, but I just look at it as a business. Obviously, it had no effect on my game last year. I had a pretty good year. Let's just move on.”