My Favorite Quotes
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 Fred Lokken - “If someone tries to be a stand-in to take her place, that is not what the voters are voting for. They expect the wife to be at the governor's side.”
 Fred Lokken - “There are many who look to the wife of the governor to express their concerns, to seek their help or be a cheerleader for their cause. What Mrs. Guinn is saying is what a lot of people have been thinking. We all have been dancing around this issue. Those who vote also understand that they are getting a package deal in this day and age.”
 Fred Lokken - “There have been some longstanding disagreements between the two. In 2003, Gov. Guinn felt it was the right thing to do to support the tax increase and Jim Gibbons felt the other way, that it was the wrong thing to do. They are certainly on different sides of the fence.”
 Fred Lokken - “I think with Perkins' decision not to run, she clearly has been in the race and would have to be seen as a front-runner on the Democratic side.”