My Favorite Quotes
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 Felicia Londre - “She made one of her productions, 'Electra,' into an off-Broadway performance and it was so difficult for her, she made so many mistakes. It led her to think it was not right to send theater students out in the world unprepared.”
 Felicia Londre - “Patricia's move to Kansas City sent shockwaves through the scholarly world. People wondered why she was 'throwing away' her career. They didn't understand it.”
 Felicia Londre - “She was outgoing and fascinating to watch, and I wish that I could be like her, but no one ever will.”
 Felicia Londre - “It's really a group of close friends who want to celebrate her memory and who teach new students about her legacy.”
 Felicia Londre - “The first quality about her that struck me was that she always took care of everyone. It was not just a working relationship with her.”