My Favorite Quotes
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 Wang Longde - “not only have sex with men, but also with women.”
 Wang Longde - “Almost 200 people are infected every day in China. The situation is grave.”
 Wang Longde - “Every day China has 200 newly infected people. We should say the situation is still very serious.”
 Wang Longde - “We have an obesity epidemic, with more than 20 percent of our 7-17 year old children in urban centers tipping the scales as either overweight or obese.”
 Wang Longde - “The 2005 figure turned out to be lower than that of 2003, because the number of those who had contracted HIVAIDS through illegal blood selling practices was actually overestimated in 2003.”
 Wang Longde - “The main reason behind the lowered figures is that the number of AIDSHIV patients infected through blood selling and homosexual activity was over-estimated in 2003.”