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 Mickey Loomis - “I don't really give a damn about Kyle Turley. He's the Rams' problem now.”
 Robbie Loomis - “Really, here, it's all about hand-eye coordination, and obviously for Jeff Gordon, everything that happens here happens in slow motion for him. For a lot of guys it's happening real fast. For Jeff, he's seeing it develop way out in front of him.”
 Mickey Loomis - “I believe we've hired a head coach that has what it takes to bring a championship to this city.”
 Derek Loomis - “He's a hero of ours. He's how we want to be.”
 Mickey Loomis - “Sean was the best fit for us. I thought we had a good connection and I liked his strengths as an assistant coach.”
 Tim Loomis - “This was a nice win for us, but this will be a different team in another 10 days. Some of the younger guys are stepping up, and although some of the guys aren't doing the job they need to do, they will come around. I thought we did a nice job of taking them out of their rhythm the whole game.”
 Robbie Loomis - “I don't think you can ever set a time frame on something like that. It's just something you deal with every day of your life.”
 Marion Loomis - “Any lost-time accident we take as a serious injury. I wouldn't refer to any injury as minor.”
 Mickey Loomis - “We've proven we'll trade up, we'll trade down or we'll take our own pick. We are going to keep all of the options available to us open and play it close to the vest until the last minute.”
 Tim Loomis - “Jackson had to stay out of foul trouble if we were going to stay in the game. The calls against Jackson weren't the difference in the game, but they were the difference in his being out of the game. We had to take a risk and put him back in there, and when I took him back out with a minute and 40 to go, that was the difference in the game. It was a four-point game and just like that, it went to nine.”
 Mickey Loomis - “Some of the first e-mails I got were from Falcons owner Arthur Blank and executive vice president Dick Sullivan, saying . . . if there was any way they could help they'd be more than pleased and honored to do so. I know Arthur has given a lot of money.”
 Tim Loomis - “We wanted to wait until the second half to do what we needed to do to stop him.”
 Robbie Loomis - “It's one of those situations you'd love for it to be a storybook finish and you win the championship and walk off into the sunset,”
 Robbie Loomis - “I don't know if 'expect' is the right word. I guess you hope it comes together. But our big test comes Sunday in the 500, and that's what we're looking forward to.”
 Robbie Loomis - “I probably used the word probably. It's a good time for me to reprioritize my personal life and get things figured out there.”
 Michael Loomis - “This is probably the highest. I think that in most years, spending exceeds the prior year, because our sales tax revenues keep increasing.”
 Robbie Loomis - “I think it's a good time for me to reprioritize my personal life and get things figured out there. In life, for years, I've had racing, God and family. I'm trying to get it God, family then racing.”
 Tim Loomis - “The Chargers shoot the 3 well and they have given a lot of people trouble this year. Their hustle and our own errors let it be a game. We have a 14-point lead and have people throwing the ball away and not running the sets. I thought we showed a lot of immaturity when we had that 14-point lead.”
 Robbie Loomis - “You go right up to the line. Some people are obviously crossing over it.”
 Mickey Loomis - “It's been a tough season for everyone. We haven't made the playoffs in the last five years, and we haven't had a winning record since 2002. It's a cumulative effect. Certainly, the situation we had this year made it tough for Jim, the coaches and players, and everyone in the entire organization.”
 Robbie Loomis - “I was with the Petty family for 11 years before being blessed to work with Jeff and the No.24 team, ... Kyle and Richard are giving me an incredible opportunity to come home.”
 Robbie Loomis - “Kyle and Richard are giving me an incredible opportunity to come home, where I started my career, ... and I'm honored and excited to do that.”
 Robbie Loomis - “So this is a great opportunity that's out there for us. I'm glad we've got a chance to get back in it. It's really giving us something to look forward to, in such a dark situation.”
 Tim Loomis - “This team is different and it is like the first year to me. We had to start over at the end of January and by overcoming the obstacles they faced, this team really deserves the district championship.”
 Mickey Loomis - “I'd be embarrassed I think we'd all be embarrassed to compare our challenges to those we've seen on the news reports of people who remained in New Orleans who have gone through the suffering they have gone through. It brings tears to your eyes to see your peers, the people in your city, your fans, that have suffered so much. So for us to complain about anything would be an embarrassment to ourselves.”

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