My Favorite Quotes
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 Lee Loong - “Our combined efforts to deal with the water challenge have turned our vulnerability into a strength,”
 Lee Loong - “In today's world, a national broadband network is basic infrastructure and a source of competitive advantage.”
 Lee Loong - “We have to remake Singapore. Our economy, our education, our mind-set, our city. It must be a totally different Singapore. Because if its the same Singapore today, we're dead,”
 Chris Loong - “Increasing perceptions that the Bank of Japan will be able to move away from its quantitative easing support the yen. Relative to the dollar, the yen should regain its losses.”
 Lee Loong - “I hope to bring all Singaporeans together, so that even though we may not all agree on this issue, we understand and respect each other's reasons and concerns, and can close ranks and move ahead.”