My Favorite Quotes
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 Casey Looze - “It breaks my heart that she went to federal prison. This lady was so sick, so frail. It just breaks my heart.”
 Ray Looze - “Preparation is the name of the game. It will take some time, but we are well on the track to doing that.”
 Ray Looze - “I'm proud of this team. This is just the beginning, but it is a nice start. We just need to take this a session at a time and come back (Friday) and do a good job.”
 Ray Looze - “I'd just like to see Namesnik get the job. He's a fine coach and one of (Michigan's) most successful swimmers of all time.”
 Ray Looze - “We just have to take it one event at a time and stay with them until the end. Winning close races will be key and it will come down to which team wants it more.”
 Ray Looze - “I really like the way we finished the meet. We had an extremely young team, and it is nice to finish strong. It is a good sign for our future. We have some good young talent. Our seniors did a wonderful job of leading and teaching this year. I am proud of the team. We are close enough to be competitive in the future.”
 Ray Looze - “Leila is at the threshold of becoming a world-class swimmer. With continued progress, she will be a force to be reckoned with at the end of the season.”
 Ray Looze - “They're a very tough team but I'm not satisfied at all. This is just a small step in the process. We still got a lot to work on and we have a lot of important decisions to make.”
 Ray Looze - “I've got the best job in the world. I've got to give credit to the guys and hopefully we can spring together a string of championships now.”
 Ray Looze - “From a team standpoint, we've really been working on our chemistry, our unity for one cause and trusting each other. From a fundamental standpoint, we've been working on our turns, relay exchanges, starts -- just our level of confidence being in the right frame of mind to compete on a consistent basis.”
 Casey Looze - “She couldn't walk, talk or chew. It was like taking care of a baby.”
 Ray Looze - “They have meant a lot on attitude and championship pedigree. I think of them as champions.”
 Casey Looze - “He started going insane she was afraid of his temper.”
 Ray Looze - “I was pleased with how we handled adversity on the road. Our strategy was sound and we took high percentage risks where we put our guys.”
 Ray Looze - “The entire swimming and diving coaching staff is so very proud of all our student-athlete's efforts in the classroom. This type of accomplishment is only possible when each individual makes the commitment to be the very best student-athlete possible.”