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 Nancy Lopez - “It's awesome, these young American players. The future of the LPGA is very bright.”
 Nancy Lopez - “They are the future of the LPGA Tour,”
 Nancy Lopez - “They are the future of the LPGA Tour.”
 Andy Lopez - “I think it went well the turn out was good. I hope people got educated on how they could help out in immigrant issues and just hopefully just keep reading up on certain issues that will affect them in the future.”
 Manny Lopez - “The Asian Championships is part of our buildup for the Southeast Asian Games here.”
 Vincent Lopez - “In Tin 'Pan Alley, when a composer gets an idea for a song, he almost thinks of a girl he connects the song with.”
 Jennifer Lopez - “A little of both is not bad, Every girl does come on girls, don't lie”
 Imelda Lopez - “They don't want to give the wives their husbands' checks. It was insulting. They're telling us, 'Let your husband come and get it.' They know they are not here.”
 George Lopez - “We saw this with former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic. We saw this with former Liberian president Charles Taylor. There is no reason knowing what we know now to reinvent the same scenario with a quite erratic Iranian leader. And while we don't have responsibility for that Iranian leader, we do have a responsibility for the outcomes of policies which will only further aggravate a situation rather than accomplish our goals.”
 Manny Lopez - “The Olympic gold in its mind, ABAP promises to ride the momentum of its SEAG success.”
 Nancy Lopez - “I think you've got to bury them, and that's hard to do. But I'm excited because I saw some good golf out there.”
 Nancy Lopez - “She's a child off the golf course and a woman on it,”
 Nancy Lopez - “Definitely. I feel that playing the course just makes my players more comfortable, not just with the golf course but with each other and what they're going to share and how they bond.”
 Andy Lopez - “I really think he's going to be a good, good player. I mean a dynamite player when it's all said and done.”
 Felipe Lopez - “I overthrew it, ... I didn't have a good grip on the ball.”
 Al Lopez - “Good for the Sox. Good for Chicago.”
 Andy Lopez - “I am looking forward to it. I really am. I used to do it every year (while coaching) at Florida. We went every year to Miami, a 7-to-7 12 hour trip. I think it's good. It makes our guys appreciate what they normally do on a road trip.”
 Andy Lopez - “We have to get on base, get a guy over and then get a base hit to score them. We have talked all year about getting to first base, and we have done a good job of that.”
 Mike Lopez - “Once I got out, I shut down most of my offense, tried to stay low and kept my hands in front of me in good position. I don't think I realize what happened yet.”
 Patricia Lopez - “My friends, all Hispanic girls, we went to school with the kids from North, Central and Alhambra, and we discovered we were not attuned to their level. 'Are they smarter than us' we asked, ... I learned later about the arts and grammar. I don't want our kids to feel at a disadvantage when they reach high school.”
 Andy Lopez - “We're going to get a brand-new scoreboard and playing surface and some type of shade roofing on the stadium. Our immediate plans include a new playing surface and grass berms in the bleachers near the bullpens.”
 Feliciano Lopez - “I prefer hardcourts (more) than clay. My best results have always been on grass or indoor tournaments or hardcourt tournaments, so (its) definitely my favorite surface.”
 Gilbert Lopez - “Indications are positive towards stronger loans growth this year, which is becoming quite important in sustaining net profits amid the possibility of declining net interest margins.”
 Jennifer Lopez - “I WANTED to do my hair (on her curly hair at the Oscars) like that. Sometimes people just don't get things until months later.”
 Ryan Lopez - “But her little heart has been through too much. It's all in God's hands now.”

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