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 Nativo Lopez - “We expected to organize our people as a group and march together, but by the time I got there ... it was already impossible to find everybody and pull our people together. It was just spontaneous. It was wonderful. This tells you how much support we have.”
 Christina Lopez - “She was a diabetic and she had had a kidney transplant. She was a wonderful lady, and she would do whatever she could for you.”
 Andy Lopez - “It makes life easier, doesn't it It makes our team easier when they -- for lack of a better word -- produce. It takes a lot of the strain off.”
 Andy Lopez - “I'm really happy with him. He's really, really been a good player for us this year in the fall. If you looked at the numbers, you'd say it might work out pretty good.”
 Jennifer Lopez - “Puffy produced four of the tracks on the album. Those are the four songs that are collaborations between Puffy and me. And he gives me my space to work even when we work together, like with my producer and my vocal coach.”
 Al Lopez - “It's tough to be pitching and having to worry about what a catcher's going to call. If the catcher has a reputation of being a rockhead, the pitcher's gonna have to worry that much more.”
 Yvette Lopez - “This is something to be concerned about. This couldn't have come at a worse time.”
 Jennifer Lopez - “This is worse than the Oscars.”
 Nancy Lopez - “You know when you're down, if you're on home soil, they're there to root you on. They're like Come on, keep going, you can do it, let's go,' ... When you mess up over there or you don't play as well or you play a hole terribly, it's almost like you feel it 10 times worse.”
 Carlos Lopez - “I don't think we want to go forward any more. The costs are only going to get worse they are only going to escalate,”
 Felipe Lopez - “I can just relax and gradually get ready. I'm starting to feel really good at the plate now. Everything is coming back. I don't want to peak at the wrong time. I want to be ready for the season.”
 Robert Lopez - “I think they want to put the high school in the wrong spot. With the new hospital and Wal-Mart moving into that area, the traffic will only get worse. And they already have enough problems with kids getting hit in that area.”
 Andy Lopez - “They all get to that point now. I don't think your season ends tomorrow if you don't win. But you're definitely going in the wrong direction.”
 Rodney Lopez - “I haven't done anything wrong.”
 Councilman Lopez - “We need an up-to-date review. What went on two years ago is different than what's going on today.”
 Feliciano Lopez - “It's always difficult to play against a friend. We know each other since many years and he knows my game. I know his game, so it's such a difficult match to play. I was lucky that I win.”
 Andy Lopez - “He looks like he's 12 years old.”
 Nancy Lopez - “I think that the relationships that I formed with the players that I've played against in the past years, and the new players of today, it's just very special to me, and I hold it very dear to my heart. I would say it ranks as the best thing that's ever happened to me in LPGA golf.”
 Nancy Lopez - “I really struggled these last few years wondering what was going to happen, who our superstars were going to be,”
 Imelda Lopez - “They need to do something because now there's 12 million. In five years, it might be 20 million.”
 John Lopez - “This could (ordinarily) take three years. But everything's on track.”
 Carlos Lopez - “I am self-taught I studied for a few years and then I gave up, ... Then, seven or eight years passed, and I got transferred here to the Valley (from El Paso) and we had Brazilians.”
 Andy Lopez - “When they get five hits in a row, I'm not sure I've seen anybody get five hits in a row off of him in two years. Yeah, I was surprised.”
 Andy Lopez - “I guess that UCLA education and 28 years of coaching doesn't count for much with the NCAA. The innings I saw were pretty good.”
 Andy Lopez - “Three years ago nobody was talking about them, ... Three years ago they were just names on paper, and now you're asking how to replace them.”

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